Corporate Risk Management and
Mitigation Assessments

Audits, or assessments as they are frequently called, whether targeting private or public sector entities, are critical to the efficient and effective functioning of the human resources and diversity functions of both private and public sector entities. Properly implemented, they provide valuable information regarding the effectiveness human resources and diversity functions within organizations as well as critical analyses regarding compliance with the federal, state and local laws and regulations. They benefit the operational knowledge base, efficiency and effectiveness of organizations of any size and in any industry.

Audits enable Senior Human Resource staff to manage the entity’s human capital with information as opposed to on the basis of speculation, surmise or generalized responses to periodic surveys. This kind of particularized knowledge, bringing both the compliance and business integration perspective to the assessment, is critical to ensuring that a proposed solution, even a “best practice,” will be received and properly implemented in each segment of the workplace and will generate sustainable change and improvement.

The performance and knowledge baseline that the assessment provides is critically important. This objective quantitative and qualitative baseline enables executives and managers to measure, evaluate and understand progress against both data-driven objectives and the more subtle qualitative issues that impact the corporation, agency or institution’s ability to achieve its particular business or program objectives.